One set, many possibilities!

Moulds for stuffing food products

What is Pomarancino®?

  • Pomarancino® is a set of moulds made of plastic, especially useful in preparing stuffed dishes, such as: sushi, onigiri, arancini, coxinha, stuffed potatoes, falafel, Scottish eggs, Easter eggs, chocolate bars, etc.
  • Pomarancino® is a new – proposed to patent in Poland and EU (no. P.418228 and P.424516).

    What are functions of Pomarancino®?

    • The invention is versatile, because one set of moulds makes preparing stuffed dishes much easier – hot or cold, in different shapes and sizes.
    • It makes easier stuffing many dishes based on rice, wheat, potatoes and many others cooked al dente. It allows as well to preserve safely the food.
    • It allows to make firm stuffed products, so that they do not fall apart while boiled, baked or fried. The final product is always crispy outside and delicate and juicy inside.
    • It allows you to use both old and new recipies, based on vegan and vegetarian products, which usually are not so easy to stuff.
    • Pomarancino® is a new invention, which allows you to prepare your meal quickly and easily. It is easy to use, even for those with poor manual capacities. It is also safe for children.

    What are the advantages of the stuffed food?

    • It is very healthy, because it is made of healthy products (not GMO), such as rice, wheat and potatoes.
    • It is very tasty, because you may mix many different tastes.
    • It is very cheap, because rice, wheat or potatoes make up more than a half of each dish.
    • Stuffed products may be safely canned without any use of preservatives.

    Why stuffed food?

    In the beginning, dishes, such as sushi, arancini and coxinha, were being prepared to keep the food from going bad. Nowadays such food is known all over the world. Every country has its own culinary tradition and offers us its own typical stuffed food.

    The food industry contributed to spreading of many stuffed dishes, due to the automatic production and new technologies of making food with a long use-by date (using unhealthy preservatives). Recently we have witnessed worldwide tendency of changing nutritional habits from fast food to slow food and the return to old and healthy culinary traditions and the renaissance of many local food products. To allow small enterprises to compete with huge concerns it is necessary to create new moulds, which could make manual production of healthy slow food easier.

      What dishes can be prepared with Pomarancino®?

      A plenty of it! Pomarancino® is so exceptional, because it allows you to stuff many different food products.
      Especially for Pomarancino® we have created many recipes, which mix tastes and culinary traditions of many different countries.
      Among other things, we have used delicious and healthy Polish soups, Italian risotto and arancini, Brazilian coxinha and Israeli falafel.
      Pomarancino® perfectly fits in the current trend of slow food, as it allows to prepare many popular and healthy stuffed food products.
      A wide range of creative activities is at your disposal.

      The Pomarancino® set is produced in Poland.